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ID : LB8764725

Careel 18 trailer sailer

User Clint      Posted Date Sun, Oct 07 2012     Hit Counter 13148
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    $ 7,200.00 AUD
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    Clontarf Queensland
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Careel 18 number 365 in very good condition.  Great reliable 8hp Yamaha outboard and work stand.  Main sail, jib and storm jib.  Boat is fitted with the heavier swing keel and kick up rudder.  Comes with all safety gear, lifejackets and 2 fenders, porta pottie FM radio and CD player, 27 mghz radio,50 litre water bladder,  tinted windows, compass.  Electrical power is from 12 volt battery with isolator switch and switchboard for llights, radio, nav lights etc.   Trailer is a tilt trailer in good condition and boat and trailer are registered.