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Introducing Naish Foiling

Coming soon to Binks Marine is the Naish Foiling Board and Foil Range!!


Developed by some of the world's best watermen and women, the Naish range is at the cutting edge of foiling technology.

Naish Foiling equipment covers all of the major foiling disciplines: Wind-foiling, Kite-foiling, Surf and SUP-foiling and Wake-foiling.

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced foiler naish have you covered. They also have boards suitable for both foiling and non-foiling use and boards that crossover with other disciplines, allowing you to use 1 board for a variety of sports.

2018Foil ProductPhotos 1440x900 Foil ThrustSurf Rightangle  2018Foil ProductPhotos 1440x900 Foil ThrustSurf right  2018Foil ProductPhotos 1440x900 Foil ThrustSurf upsidedown

Naish's Thrust foiling are specifically designed for each foiling discipline. The are made from a aircraft grade 6061 aluminium and feature fiberglass compositie wings. Tuttle box adaptors are available, allowing the foil to fit boards fitted with this type of fin box without any board modifications.

Surf and SUP-foiling

Naish SUP-foil Boards

 A very wide range of surf and SUP boards are available. Most of the range are able to be used foiling or non-foiling and the Hover 120 Crossover can also be used as a foiling or non-foiling windsurfing board.

Hover6-01  Naish SUPfoil-2


Naish Wind-foil Boards

 3 boards in the wind-foiling range. The Hover 120 Crossover can also be used as a SUP. The Hover Titan 120 an also be used as a traditional windsurf board.

Naish wind hover122-3  Naish wind titan120-2


Naish Kite-foil Boards

Another extensive range of boards from Beginer to speed race boards. The Hover 155 and Hover 160 can  be used as non-foil kiteboards or wakesurf boards.

 Naish Hover1121  Naish hover130-2


Naish Wake-foil Boards     Naish Wakefoil

The Hover 155 can be used as foiling board, skimboard or as a wakesurf board, making it very versitile and a lot of fun behind the boat.


Stock will be ariving shortly, but please feel free to contact us with any questions or to book a foiling session. We can get you out behind a boat and show you how to get started.

Call Shane on (08) 8294 6211 for details

or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it