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New 2019 Hobie Kayaks

2019 sees the re-design of the best selling Hobie Kayak, the Outback, and the introduction of a new for 2019 Tandem, the Compass Duo.

Hobie Mirage Outback

Outback studio papaya 3quarter 2019 png 1200x9999  generatedOutback studio papaya topview 2019v2 png 5000x5000 rotate90 generated

With the first major redesign of the best-selling Mirage Outback in over a decade, Hobie has single-handedly advanced the sport of kayak fishing.

The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior vision from above while the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multidimensional vision below.

Powered by the MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks + Turbo Fins – now standard on all Outbacks – this fine-tuned angling vessel is highly versatile, fast, quiet, and exceedingly nimble.
Now featuring our Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, combating drift and navigating tight water has never been easier.

Crew: 1
Length: 12' 9" / 3.89 m
Width: 34" / .86 m
Capacity: 425 lbs / 192.78 kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 85 lbs / 38.56 kg *
Fully Rigged Weight: 103 lbs / 46.72 kg *
Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
Color Options:

  • Slate BluePapaya OrangeRed Hibiscus
  • Ivory Dune
  • Camo
  • Seagrass Green


NEW Hobie Compass Duo

CompassDuo studio seaglass 3quarter 2019 png 1200x9999  generated

CompassDuo studio Seagrass topview-v2 png 5000x5000 rotate90 generated

Searching for an elegantly simple yet highly customizable tandem kayak for on-water adventures with family, friends, and pets?
Look no further than the brand new Mirage Compass Duo, the latest addition to Hobie's lineup of award-winning pedal kayaks.

Powered by dual MirageDrives with Glide Technology, the Duo's sleek hull design maximizes speed and stability, while greatly reducing drag.
The sleek waterline and Kick-Up Rudder system make for an impressively nimble tandem kayak that's highly responsive, easy to steer and extremely durable.

The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions.

Crew: 2
Length: 13.5' / 4.11 m
Width: 35" / 0.89 m
Capacity: 475 lbs / 215.46 kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 92 lbs / 41.73 kg *
Fully Rigged Weight: 127 lbs / 57.61 kg *
Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
Color Options:

  • Slate BlueSeagrass GreenPapaya Orange


Pricing and availability for both the Outback and Compass Duo is TBA.
We will keep you updated, but please contact us in the meantime.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or  (08) 8294 6211