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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

North Seek Wing / SUP Foil Board 2021

Original price $1,889.00
Original price $1,799.00 - Original price $2,249.00
Original price $1,889.00
Current price $1,511.20
$1,511.20 - $2,249.00
Current price $1,511.20
Size: 57L (4'10")

Let the North Seek Wing foil board take you places you’ve never been.

Upwind, downwind, ocean roller or lake. Wherever you fly, whatever adventure you take.

Engineered for performance. Early take-offs. Effortless touchdown recovery. The North Seek Wing Foil Board provides you with an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil, becoming an extension of you – the rider.

It has an ultra-lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction that is stiff, responsive and maneuverable and it’s precisely-balanced distribution of volume means that no matter whether you’re in displacement mode, skimming or foiling, your stance remains in the same position - no shuffling required. Because every movement counts.

Try it. Land it. Or pump it. Floater, sinker or somewhere in between – there’s a board size and volume for every start need.

And no matter what, you won’t look like a kook carrying your setup to the water. The recessed carry handle will keep your Seek, Sonar and dignity safe.

North Seek Board Features:

  • Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Intergrated PVC structural stringer system
  • DropBox adjustable foil mounting track 
  • GORE waterproof 2 way vent
  • Deep V double nose concave
  • Fast release cutaways and tapered tail 

Cutaways and tapered tail

The sharp release edge on the tail allows for an earlier take-off, while the cutaways and the way the tail tapers reduces the volume in the tail, helping to bring the board’s centre of buoyancy forward, right underneath your stance.

Touchdown Recovery

The nose spine and double-concave in the underside of the nose, combined with the steep bevelled rails, helps with touchdown recovery. The V-shape in the bottom contour of the board breaks the water surface on touch down, so the board dives in gently and releases quickly, without sticking. The V also helps to funnel air under the board, which helps it to release faster.

Hybrid Carbon Technology

Lighter weight construction for stiffness, manoeuvrability and glide. The stiffer the board, the better it will pump and the more responsive it feels. A light yet durable board with greater impact resistance and rigidity.