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Binks Balustrading

Stainless Steel wire balustrading is proving to be very popular in both architectural, commercial and residentialBinks Balustrading areas. The finished product gives an appealing, unimpaired and long life look to your environment. If you're after a nautical feel to your building or home then wire balustrading is the perfect solution.

We can supply and install balustrading for a wide variety of functions including balconies, walkways, staircases, decking/pool area, ramps and trellis systems. Visit the Types of Projects section to see some example applications.

The standard balustrading system is easy to install and a great weekend project for you to do it yourself. All the materials and tools you will need are available in our online store, you can either purchase direct or send us your plans and have us provide you with a quote. For South Australian customers, we can provide you with a quote for supply and installation. Just contact us via Quotes & Enquiries or phone us on +61-8-8294-6211, all enquiries are welcome.

In our Types of Projects section we have examples of the different applications of Balustrading as well as full details and purchasing information on do-it-yourself kits.

Types of Products

Stainless Steel

WHY STAINLESS STEEL? The need for materials with the characteristics of strength, corrosion resistance and long life has long been recognised in the field of marine rigging. Increasingly, modern architecture is satisfying those needs with stainless steel kits.

Stainless Steel Kits

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There are a wide range of Balustrading products on the market. There is a produst to suit almost all situations.

Stainless Steel Parts

For a better look at the products available please go to our online store or contact us and we can workout the best fittings for your situation.