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Weather Situation
A trough of low pressure over the south and west of the State will move to the north of coastal waters during Saturday afternoon. A high will move over the Bight on Monday.


Forecast for Friday 9 February until midnight
Winds: Easterly 15 to 20 knots, easing to east to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots during the morning, then becoming northeast to northwesterly 5 to 10 knots by late morning. Winds tending southwesterly below 10 knots in the afternoon, then southeasterly below 10 knots in the evening, reaching 10 to 15 knots south of Brighton.

Seas: Below 1 metre, reaching 1 metre offshore south of Brighton early morning.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Partly cloudy.


Forecast for Saturday 10 February
Winds: Variable about 10 knots, becoming west to southwesterly 15 to 20 knots in the afternoon, turning southwest to southerly from late afternoon, reaching 20 to 25 knots from late afternoon till mid evening.

Seas: Below 1 metre, increasing to around 1 metre in the afternoon, and to 1 to 2 metres from late afternoon.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Partly cloudy.


Forecast for Sunday 11 February
Winds: South to southwesterly 15 to 20 knots tending south to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots during the evening.

Seas: 1.5 metres, decreasing to 1 metre during the morning.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Partly cloudy.


Forecast for Monday 12 February
Winds: Southerly about 10 knots tending southwesterly 10 to 15 knots during the day then becoming variable about 10 knots during the afternoon.

Seas: Below 1 metre.

Swell: Westerly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Partly cloudy.


The Flying “H” logo is global shorthand for ease and performance on the water.


After conquering surfboards, kayaks, catamarans, and apparel, Hobie have finally entered a new era in recreational water sports. Adelaide, it’s time to get ready for pure SUP fun!

If you are an extreme surfer, distance racer or a casual expedition paddler, we have the right equipment for you. With over 50 years of innovation on the water, Hobie has designed a line of Stand Up Paddleboards to meet every paddler’s needs.

Hobie’s SUP models are the result of years of water experience from our test pilots Chuck Patterson, Bryce and TJ Saeman, Hobie and Jeff Alter, Byron Kurt and world class Hobie shapers Mark Johnson, Gary Larson, and Terry Martin. Our line of Stand Up Paddleboards are designed to meet a variety of needs and conditions.

Join the professionals and enjoy the superior performance and comfort of Hobie SUPs. View the full range available in our Adelaide stores here.






Using a precision one shot epoxy molding system, each Hobie EPX-1 Stand Up Paddleboard is durable and lightweight. Hobie EPX-1 advanced construction allows the board to withstand the intense pressures experienced in the sport of stand up paddling.

  • 1lb lightweight EPS core8 layers of 4oz fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin top and bottom.
  • 4lb high density polyurethane foam top and bottom
  • 8 layers of 4oz fiberglass on the rails.
  • All fin boxes installed into the high density foam.

2 WAYV Vents

altHobie has created a unique two-way vent system that equalizes pressure due to temperature or altitude variation. It makes their boards hassle free, with no unplugging, screwing, or unscrewing required.


altHigh quality EVA traction pads with smooth traction are placed under the primary stance area provide extra comfort and built in hand holds make it easy to carry in and out of the water.


Eclipse SUP

In spring 2016, Hobie is revolutionizing stand up paddling, and we’re here to bring the new Mirage® Eclipse, the world’s first leg-powered stand up board, to Adelaide! Riding the Mirage Eclipse is as easy as walking. Just step on and go!

With a design that allows anyone from a beginner to a more athletic expert user to have a great Hobie SUP experience, the Mirage Eclipse brings all the advantages of the Hobie Mirage kayaks to a standup paddleboard. It’s stable and fast, and gives stability with sleek handlebars. It’s also nimble and easy to steer, with fingertip rudder controls.



Hobie Race Series

14' Elite Race Board

12'6" Elite

Hobie All-round SUP’s:

12′2 ATRII – BCX (Bamboo Composite Construction)



Stand Up Paddles



An ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort and control

Light weight tapered oval shaft designed to be light, quick, stiff and comfortable with a bit of snap.

Dihedral blades incorporate a center spine and a 11 degree blade angle translating into the perfect combination of stiffness, strength, control and power.

Designed by our race, surf and R&D team, Hobie paddles are designed for the entire paddling spectrum.


Carbon Race - 7.8" / 8.5"


-Lightweight 100% carbon fiber designed exclusively for racing
•16.9 oz / 479 g ( 7.8” blade @ 78”)

Carbon Hybrid - 7.8"


-Carbon hybrid construction for maximum strength and performance.

-Designed for both racing and surfing.
•19.75 oz / 558 g @ 78”

Fiber Core - 7.8"


Ultimate recreational paddle designed for all around paddling
•22.5 oz / 637 g @ 78”)