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Smik SUP Style Lord 10 x 30 - 135L

SKU:  Stlye Lord 10

Brief Description:


The Style Lord is a performance longboard shape designed for smooth carves, a timeless soul arch or a little walk up the nose.

It also has mad whip when sitting back on the tail, for a board that size.



Smooth rocker ensures excellent glide and acceleration even in small mushy waves. Stepping back, the Style Lord has an aggressive cutback that is easy to bring around, without requiring too much torque.

Nose rocker and single concave make it a nose riding delight. Fine and rounded rails provide response without bogging.

Outline curves are smooth and brought in, resulting in the easy initiation of carves. Squash tail creates drive while adding to stability.

Rolled V in the middle and down the tail with a double concave running through the curve combine to produce speed, flow and drive through turns.

These boards are at home in small powerless waves with good glide, but take them out in a bit of juice and they'll be more than capable of holding a line in larger surf.


  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 30"
  • Volume: 135L
  • Weight: 9.5kg


$2 100.00 $1 680.00
You Save: $420.00