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Ronstan Junior Dinghy Shorts (CL26J)


Brief Description:

Ronstan’s latest range of dinghy wetsuits are more flexible, lower weight and more comfortable than the previous generation.

Frankly, they fit better.



  • Lightweight, warm and comfortable in any weather
  • Flexible
  • New laminates for warmth
  • Neoprene wetsuits made with non petroleum based material
  • Padded hiking panels at back of thighs.
  • Abrasion resistant Supratex seat.
  • Elasticised drawstring waist for reduced bulk and extra comfort.
  • High waist for lower back coverage and overlap with top.
  • Glide skin leg openings minimise water ingression.
  • Superstretch Neospan side panels provide continual comfort and compression during muscle expansion while hiking.
  • Junior sizes with panels specifically designed to suit younger body geometry.