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Sunday 10/12/17

Another nice day on the water.

A light NorthEasterly to 5 knots with near flat seas

Conditions should be fine for the majority of the day with seas remaining 0.5m and 1m

Garfish are coming from the Somerton area with whiting and crabs coming from the area from West Beach north to Bower Road.

Seacliff and Brighton have some crabs and good patches of squid.

The deeper grounds are producing whiting to 40cm.


Harken 4 Point Hoister System (HK7803)

SKU:  HK7803

Brief Description:

Harken Hoisters lift evenly from one, two or four points. Choose your system based on the shape and weight of the items you want to store.

Here are just a few storage ideas for different Hoister systems:

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Dinghies
  • Cartop Carriers
  • Jeep Tops


There are plenty of offbeat ways to use these systems too. All it takes is some imagination!

All standard Harken Hoisters are fully rigged.


When selecting your Hoister consider the following:
1. The weight of the item to be stored
2. The desired vertical lift distance



  • Lifting Points:  4
  • Working Load Limit:  66 kg
  • Min Lifting Load:  20 kg
  • Mechanical Advantage:  6:1


Check out some Video footage of the Hoister in action.


Click here for the user manual