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Hobie Advebture Island Dodger


Brief Description:

The Hobie Dodger is a spray, cool breeze or sun shade for your lower body. Deflect bow waves and spray. Block cool breezes and stay warmer in cold conditions. Works like a small pop-up tent. Loops of bungee connect to the boat. The Dodger extends aft to just in front of the pedaler. A Velcro strip seals up the center in front of the pedaler. The entire dodger folds forward to enter or exit the kayak or make pedal adjustments. An access panel is built-in for using the sailing rig. Installs in minutes initially, but installs in moments once the fasteners are in place. This version only works on the Adventure Island .



  • Fits the Hobie Adventure Island kayaks
  • Small internal battens give the Dodger its shape; Great for hunters and bird watchers
  • Packs away into a small stow bag 5" round by 24" long
  • 1.8 lbs
  • This version only works on the Adventure Island