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Optimist Dinghy

The Optimist Dinghy is one of the fastest growing youth class in Australia. It’s currently raced by more than 150,000 sailors in over 110 countries worldwide. More than two thirds of the medal winning sailors at the last two Olympic Games, and over 85% of the medal winning skippers at the Beijing Olympics were former Optimist sailors.

Optimist Hulls

Optimist Hulls (1)

Optimist Spars

Optimist Spars (8)

Optimist Sails

Optimist Sails (2)

Optimist Foils

Optimist Foils (7)

Optimist Covers

Optimist Covers (4)

Optimist Spares

Optimist Spares (17)

Optimist Trollies

Optimist Trollies (2)

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