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Ronstan was born in 1953 when Ron Allatt and Stan Lenepveu decided to set up a manufacturing facility, producing both wooden-hulled boats and the stainless steel deck fittings they required. Ronstan has come a long way since its humble beginnings!

The sailboat hardware market and the architectural rigging market are worlds apart, but in Australia they’re both dominated by one powerhouse player - Ronstan. Their full range of yacht and dinghy sailing products includes blocks, sheaves, travellers, furlers, rope cleats, stainless steel fittings, sheet and halyard winches and much more. The top-end, innovative hardware boasts a wide variety of new features and products that extend the range to complement almost any individual requirement.

Internationally, Ronstan are regarded as one of the top three sailboat hardware brands in the world, instantly recognised and respected in 45 countries. They enjoy a reputation as the equipment of choice on boats from the flying Moths to the Volvo Race sail fleet. Whether you’re a racing or cruising sailor, Ronstan have the experience to offer perfect solutions for you and your boat.

To experience Ronstan’s quality sailboat hardware, rigging components, sailing wear and accessories for yourself at great prices, there is no need to look anywhere else. Contact us if you have any technical questions.




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Ronstan Saddle Flared (RF SADD...
From $2.32
Saddle Narrow
From $2.82
Ronstan Saddle Ferrule Eye (RF...
From $4.95
Ronstan Sailing Boot (CL63)
$53.41 $45.40
You Save: 15.00%
Ronstan Regatta Smock Red (CL8...
$192.78 $173.50
You Save: $19.28
Ronstan Jib H
Open Body Rigging Screw Hook/E...
From $4.95
Ronstan Small
Ronstan Regatta Smock Black(CL...
$192.78 $173.50
You Save: $19.28
Ronstan Medium
Open Body Rigging Screw Fork/F...
From $7.53
Ronstan Small

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