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Forecast for Thursday 22 June until midnight
Winds: Northeasterly about 10 knots tending north to northwesterly for the afternoon period.

Seas: Below 1 metre.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Mostly sunny.


Forecast for Friday 23 June
Winds: North to northeasterly about 10 knots.

Seas: Below 1 metre.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Partly cloudy. 20% chance of a shower in the evening.


Forecast for Saturday 24 June
Winds: North to northeasterly below 10 knots becoming west to southwesterly late evening.

Seas: Below 0.5 metres.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Cloudy. 90% chance of showers.


Forecast for Sunday 25 June

Winds: Southwesterly 5 to 10 knots reaching 10 to 15 knots from early morning until late afternoon.

Seas: Below 1 metre.

Swell: West to southwesterly below 0.5 metres.

Weather: Cloudy. 70% chance of showers.


Formally known as Proctor Masts, Selden Masts and are the world's largest mast manufacturer. Selden manufacture masts to suit boats as small as International Cadets and Olympic class dinghies right through to some of the largest keel boats.

The better precision of your equipment, the better your sailing experience will be. For Selden, no detail is too small in their search for perfection and the best possible function for each product. 

Selden are world leaders in mast, boom, spreader, spinnaker pole and furler technology. They also manufacture an extensive range of sailboat accessories such as pulleys, pole ends, cleats and brackets.

So no matter how big your boat is, whether you push it to the limit or just prefer leisurely cruising, Selden lets you enjoy the benefit of reliable, top-class gear. 


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Selden Original Spreader Assem...
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From $204.00

Fully Adjustable Spreader Syst...
(Ultimate Spreader)
From $300.80

Boom Slides 511-714-02

Selden 420 Spinnaker Pole

Selden Optimist Pro-Sprit

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