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Other Yacht Fittings

Whatever you need for your yacht, we stock. Browse our top-of-the-line selection of various yacht fittings for all your maintenance, replacement and inspection needs, including shackles, fairleads, hatches, gauges and more.

Dead eyes, fairleads & bushes

Dead eyes, fairleads & bushes (38)

Drain plugs and hull fittings

Drain plugs and hull fittings (8)

Venturi's & inspection hatches

Venturi's & inspection hatches (14)

Hooks, pins & rings

Hooks, pins & rings (76)

Shackles, snap shackles, swivels

Shackles, snap shackles, swivels (133)

Wind indicators

Wind indicators (15)

Navigation lights & accessories

Navigation lights & accessories (8)

Rig Tension Gauge

Rig Tension Gauge (2)

Grip & Tapes

Grip & Tapes (3)

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