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While relatively new to the scene, Zhik’s innovative yachting clothing has taken the sailing world by storm.

Now, they’re here at Adelaide’s Binks Marine, both in-store and in our online sailing clothing store.

Zhik's technically advanced dinghy product range is developed alongside their large team of Olympic and World Champion sailors, ensuring you wear the same clothing as the world’s best. They pride themselves on innovation, aiming to make their sailing gear the best possible for you and for the conditions you face.

After their early success in the dinghy boats, Zhik made their mark in the yachting world, designing some brilliant yachting clothing. They are quickly becoming the new choice for racing sports boats and are spreading to share their innovations with offshore yachting as well.

It’s not only the features of Zhik’s sailing products that are focused on increased safety and functionality. They also design the materials they use from scratch, rigorously testing each combination in the lab and in the real world to get the perfect mix. Whether you need great breathability, waterproofness or another trait, you can be sure your Zhik yacht gear is going to do the job you need it for, perfectly.

Everything is better here. Enjoy as you sail above the waves.

Check out Zhik's gear for dinghy sailing, yachting, paddling, SUP boarding and kite board racing.


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Zhik Powerpads 2 (hike-350)
$189.95 $132.97
You Save: 30.00%
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Zhik Women's Microfleece ...
Zhik Men's Microfleece X ...
Zhik Women's Microfleece ...

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