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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

Available Boats

Binks sells and outfits a range of boats, kayaks and yachts and can supply you with a fully kitted yacht. Select any of the yacht classes below for further information or send us an enquiry.

We have selected various boat classes and compiled a list of products associated with these boats which can be either custom made or supplied by Binks Marine. Many of these products can be found in our online store, but if you cannot find the one you're after send us a Customer Enquiry and we will send you more information as soon as possible.


Optimist Dinghy


The Optimist Dinghy is one of the fastest growing youth class in Australia. It’s currently raced by more than 150,000 sailors in over 110 countries worldwide. More than two thirds of the medal winning sailors at the last two Olympic Games, and over 85% of the medal winning skippers at the Beijing Olympics were former Optimist sailors?

That's why they say Optimists are the bathtubs that breed champions.

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International 505

International 505 Boat

Design Information
The International 505 is one of the most popular high performance dinghies sailed worldwide. The 505 is an exciting boat to sail and with its speed and acceleration it offers great racing at every level.

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International 420

International 420 Boat

Design Information
The International 420 was designed in 1959 and is 4.2m in length, sailed with two crew members (one on trapeze) and is a one design class. The class is ideal for a crew weight of around 170kg and because of this has become a very strong youth class worldwide.

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Holdfast Trainer

Holdfast Trainer Boat

Design Information
The Holdfast Trainer is a great boat for 8 - 15 year olds. They are sailed mainly in South Australia and are a modified Sabot with the addition of a deck, bowsprit and a jib. These additions improved the boats performance and make them suitable for a crew of two young children to learn to sail.


303 Sail Boat

Design Information
The design of the 303 was based on that of the International 505. It is 3.43m in length and is an ideal stepping-stone between the junior and senior classes. The lightweight fibreglass hull, planing performance, spinnaker and trapeze, combined with the stability of the boat and not too large sail area gives the sailors the feel of excitement that can be experienced as they move up to the senior classes.


Pacer Sail Boat

Design Information
The Pacer is an easy to handle dinghy for two crew members. The class is used not only for fleet racing, but is quite commonly used for team racing and sail training.

Binks sell the YMS pacers

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Laser Dinghy

Laser Dinghy Boat

Design Information

Over 180,000 are sailing in over 120 countries. Every one is built to incredibly strict class rules which prevent expensive go-fast extras – a major part of the appeal. Because when you race a Laser you know that everyone around you is in exactly the same boat.

Why is it that most Olympic sailors start in Lasers? Because they want a boat that's dependable, yet challenging to sail. They want a boat that's rugged, fast and handles like an expensive sportscar. They want a boat that teaches them the basic fundamentals when it comes to wind and water. They want the best, they get the best. Whether you race or sail for pleasure, it's as easy as stepping in and sailing away. We guarantee you'll never forget your first Laser.

The Laser Radial is a Laser with a smaller sail and shorter mast. It is still part of the strict one design Laser principle. If you're between 55 and 65 kgs, the Laser Radial rig has been designed especially for you. Its bendy mast and radial cut sail allow you to go out in strong winds and still be in full control. The radial cut sail was designed so that people under 65kg, would be competitive in serious racing. The result is a super fast rig that is suitable for both women and men lightweights in both strong and light winds. You'll be amazed how easily the Laser Radial handles.

Not only is the Laser Radial fast and exciting to sail but it is completely interchangable with the Laser and the Laser 4.7, as only the sail and lower mast are different, the remainder of the Laser is unchanged. That means on cruising days or when you bring a friend along, you just switch rigs. You get three boats for little more than the price of one. You get more for your money when you buy a Laser.

The concept of the Laser 4.7 is to provide a rig that is interchangeable with the full Laser and Laser Radial rigs, and which is easily managed by sailors who weigh between 35 and 55kgs. With a sail area of 4.7 sq.m, and a shorter prebent bottom mast, the Laser 4.7 has the same fun handling characteristics as the Laser Radial and the Laser. Its small sail area makes it very suitable for the young lightweights (over 35kg.) to start sailing earlier.

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Keel Boats

Design Information
There are an extensive range of keelboats, too many to list here, but if you are after equipment for your yacht check out our online store or send us a customer enquiry telling us your needs.

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Sabre Boat

Design Information
The Sabre is a single-handed dinghy constructed from either timber or fibreglass. It is ideal for people of all ages and competitors in this class range from teenagers to sailors into their late seventies. The Sabre is a fun, safe boat to sail.

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Australian Sharpie

Australian Sharpie Sail Boat

Design Information
The 'Sharpie' has had a long history of sailing in Australian waters. It is 6 metres in hull length and has 3 crew members (skipper, mainsheet, forward hand on trapeze). With its powerful sails the Sharpie gives a combination of speed and excitement, especially in the strong wind range.

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SailSports 17

SailSports 17

Design Information
The Sail Sports 17 was designed by Binks Marine as the perfect day sailor or club/aquatics centre training boat.

  • It sails well with 8 people on board but can be easily handled by a crew of two.
  • It is beautifully balanced and light on the helm.
  • The yacht has a surprising turn of speed making it fun for young people to sail.
  • The hull shape with plenty of beam and firm bilges gives it a lot of stability and makes it almost impossible to capsize
  • The yacht is fully self draining and in the very unlikely event of a capsize will be empty when righted.
  • The open transom makes it easy to board the crew when leaving the beach, a very helpful feature when sailing with younger children.  This is a particularly important safety feature when retrieving crew from the water.
  • The large fully enclosed self-draining compartment under the cuddy cabin provides dry stowage for camping equipment if the yachts are used for overnight excursions or a place for lunch and drinks on a day sail.
  • The modern Bermudian rig is not only very efficient, its light weight and simplicity means it can easily be rigged or unrigged by one person in minutes
  • Ease of raising or lowering of the moulded fibreglass dagger blade by sliding up and down in the fibreglass molded rudderstock.  There are no fiddly pins or ties needed to keep the rudder down.
  • The weighted moulded fibreglass centreboard is basically neutral in weight in the water making it much easier for young crews to raise and lower.
  • The jib is equipped as standard with a furling system enabling it to be rolled or set in seconds.
  • Long comfortable moulded bench seats running the full length of the big cockpit enable the crew to sit comfortably and securely on a heel.