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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

Foil Drive Controller Mount

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Control your Foil Drive Assist throttle from your paddle with our custom designed  throttle contoller mount.


The mounts come in both left and right hand specification, indicating which side of the board you paddle blade goes into the water.  Generally, natrual stance requires a "right" and goofy stance needs a "left".

However the mount can be used for bottom or top hand control. If you would prefer to use your bottom hand, the mount and therefore controller is mounting inverted. For top hand installation the controller will be up right. Both instalations will use the thumb for throttle trigger control.


Paddle shaft diameters do vary slightly between manufactureres, the most common size is 29mm so our paddle mount can accommodate 28-30mm shafts. If you have a thinner paddle shaft, you can use some thin foam or double sided tape to expand the diameter of your paddle shaft.


We recommend using 2 strips of electrical tape down the shaft of your paddle to protect its surface as well as allow the mount to grip the shaft better. Carbon is a very hard material and does not allow the mount to grip without excessive clamping pressure. With some soft electrical tape on the paddle before mounting, the bolts only require finger tight tension to remain in position. 


This allows for SUP or downwind use of your Foil Drive system.


Ergonomically designed paddle mounts allow for full grip of the shaft while paddling and controlling throttle.


We recommend leaving the paddle mount slightly loose for the first few uses to allow for on water fine tuning of the position on the paddle.