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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

Hawk Slot Strip

Original price $11.70 - Original price $14.40
Original price
$11.70 - $14.40
Current price $11.70
Width: 50mm

Slot Strip is a specially formulated laminate of Polyester film and Dacron sailcloth.

It has very special characteristics of rigidity, flexibility and tear resistance making it a perfect film to cover your centreboard/daggerboard slot to keep water out but allow your centreboard/daggerboard to pass through it.

Slot Strip can also be used as transom flaps on Racing Dinghies and Rudder/keel fairings on Yachts.

When fitting slot strip you will need to decide whether to fit 1 complete piece covering the whole slot and cut a centre slit down the middle for the centreboard/daggerboard to emerge, or whether you want 2 separate strips (1 on either side) that overlap by a couple of millimetres.

We recommend that for DIY replacements you use a contact adhesive or Tarzan Grip double sided tape.

*Price per m


Slot Strip – Fitting Instructions

    1. Firstly remove all traces of the old gasket and associated glue. This is best achieved using a
        sharp 1” chisel.

    2. Place masking tape or similar around the centreboard slot to ensure there is no glue spillage
        on the hull of your boat.

    3. Ensure the surface of the hull that is to be glued is dry and free from dust.

    4. Lay the slot strip in place and draw the shape required to fill the centreboard recess.
        Shinny side to the outside.

    5. Cut out the shape on the Slotstrip and ensure it is a good fit.

    6. Mark the slot down the middle of the Slotstrip. It needs to be about 25mm longer than
        required at both ends.

    7. Cut the slot in the Slotstrip with a sharp knife.

    8. Lay the Slotstrip upside down on a board and pin it down at each end with drawing pins.

    9. Apply a coat of contact adhesive to the boat and to the slot strip making sure the corners
        and edges are well coated.

    10. Wait til both surfaces are touch dry. Un-pin the Slotstrip and attach one end to the boat.

    11. Apply plenty of pressure and work slowly to the other end and push the Slotstrip firmly into place.

    12. When you are happy it is properly in place, go over it with a small roller ensuring there
           is good contact over the whole area.

    13. Apply tape to the edges to ensure it stays down firmly while it dries.

    14. Leave for 12 hours to cure before removing the tape.

If using 2 separate strips (one on either side) omit instructions 6 and 7 above.