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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

HydraCell Personal Mini Light 3pk (FCM1-3PK)

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The HYDRACELL™ Personal Mini Light is a single-use, compact, convenient and disposable 2 x LED pocket flashlight powered by HYDRACELL’s Mag-Air technology as an all-in-one unit (no batteries required)

The bright, long-life LEDs provide up to 100 hours of usable light in emergency and off-grid situations when no other light source is available.

The HYDRACELL Personal Mini Light is always ready for quick activation with a dip in water.

At the end of its useful life it can be safely disposed in household garbage, or electronic waste recycling where available.

The Personal Mini Light is available as a single unit, in 3 Packs or in Counter Displays (18 lights).

DEVICE:  FCM-L01 Personal Mini Light
POWER SOURCE: Non replaceable internal cell
LIGHT TYPE: 2 x bright, long life LEDs
RUN TIME: Up to 100 hours run time (*) (**)
DIMENSIONS (mm): Individual: 67 length x 40 width x 14 depth
3 Pack: 102 height x 153 width x 26 depth

(*) With periodic re-hydration, depending on load & usage.
(**) Estimated performance data based on laboratory testing 250 milliwatt load.