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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

ILCA Ex-Charter Boat

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$10,750.00 - $10,750.00
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Ex-Charter ILCA boats are a great way to get into ILCA sailing or to upgrade that older boat.

We have an Ex-Charter PSA boat used only during the resent National/Worlds event in Adelaide  (221XXX) available in store.

This is a great boat that comes complete with many extras such as:

  • Carbon top section (lightly used)
  • New sail
  • New turbo pack
  • Mast bag
  • Foil bag
  • Premium deck cover
  • Stacking alloy beach dolly
  • Low profile carbon tiller
  • Carbon tiller extension

It's no secret that many of the world's top sailors perfected their skills in the ILCA. Many World Champions, Olympic medalists and America's Cup helmsmen started in the ILCA.

The ILCA Class was built on the philosophy that the sailor wins the race, not the boat. Every ILCA in the world is identical. Class Rules mean that it is the sailor, not the equipment, that makes the difference.

Length: 4.23 m
Beam: 1.37 m
Draft: 0.8 m
Sail area: 4.7 - 7.06 sqm

Hull weight: 58 kg

Capacity: 1-2 people (1 person for racing)
Skill level: beginner-expert
Race level: club - Olympic
Optimal weight: 70 plus kg 
Able to be car topped