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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra

by Naish
Original price $1,499.00 - Original price $1,519.00
Original price
$1,499.00 - $1,519.00
Current price $1,499.00
Size: 4'4"

The Hover Surf Ascend is for surfers who want a compact foilboard with just the right amount of volume. With their concave decks, these boards paddle comfortably, take off easily, and have minimal swing weight. Similar to the Hover/Wing Foils, the changes made to the Hover Surf Ascend include more overall rail curve in the outline, slightly narrower tails, increased nose rocker, and more pronounced bottom shaping and concave. The continuous bevel raises the rail line for more clearance in turns. This season's Hover Ascends are performance boards that are super easy to ride even for novice surf foilers. Unique to the range is the 7'0", with the look and feel of a classic mid-length surfboard that catches even the smallest waves with ease. This board makes getting to your feet and comfortably onto the foil massively easier due to its length. 

The Carbon Ultra construction uses a multi-stage vacuum process with a 30 kg density EPS core, full 3K carbon wrap, wood veneer reinforcement in the stance area, as well as a full deck-to-bottom PVC foil track box reinforcement.


  • High Density PVC Foil Track System with (2) 10" US Boxes
  • Concave Deck
  • Beveled Rail Design
  • Carbon Wood Vacuum Sandwich Construction
  • Tail Kick Lift Off Design 


  • CNC Cut EPS Core
  • High Density Deck-to-Bottom Foil Track System with Carbon Reinforcement
  • Full 3K Carbon Deck with Wood Sandwich in the Stance Area
  • 3K Carbon and Glass Bottom Lamination
  • Carbon Strip Bottom Stringer


Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover Surf Ascend 4'4" Carbon Ultra 4'4"/132 cm 19 1/2"/49.5 cm 2 7/10"/6.9 cm 33 L
Hover Surf Ascend 4'8" Carbon Ultra 4'8"/142.2 cm 20 1/2"/52.1 cm 2 7/10"/6.9 cm 38 L
Hover Surf Ascend 5'0" Carbon Ultra 5'0"/152.4 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 7/10"/6.9 cm 44 L
Hover Surf Ascend 5'4" Carbon Ultra 5'4"/162.6 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 9/10"/7.4 cm 49 L
Hover Surf Ascend 5'8" Carbon Ultra 5'8"/172.7 cm 22 1/2"/57.2 cm 3"/7.6 cm 55 L


Ideal Rider Weights: 
Hover SURF Ascend 4'4" Carbon Ultra = 180 lbs / 81 kg
Hover SURF Ascend 4'8" Carbon Ultra = 200 lbs / 91 kg
Hover SURF Ascend 5'0" Carbon Ultra = 220 lbs / 100 kg 
Hover SURF Ascend 5'4" & 5'8" Carbon Ultra = 220+ lbs / 100+ kg

View board specifications HERE