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Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs
Binks is your stop for all boating and watersport needs

Naish Hover S27 Wing/Foil Carbon Ultra

by Naish
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Original price $1,899.00
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Current price $1,519.20
Size: 60L

The Naish Hover Wing Foil boards instantly set the standard in design, construction, and weight for the category. This new range of boards is perfectly suited for wing surfing, or to be used as a SUP foil board, SUP downwind foil board, or prone foil surf.

Changes include a more overall rail curve in the outline, slightly narrower tail, increased nose rocker, and more pronounced bottom shaping and concave. Multiple foot strap insert positions, including wider stance options, give riders the opportunity to choose between a windsurfing style, double front strap setup, or a single surf style setup.

The rocker is perfectly balanced so the board flies smoothly parallel to the water surface. Track boxes have been moved further back to better match with the multitude of different foils that riders may pair with the boards.

The increased tail kick behind foil boxes combined with the beveled rail guarantees easy take-offs and sufficient clearance in turns.

The carbon ultra layup, which now includes extra rail cap reinforcements and Kevlar patches in high-stress areas, gives these boards the lightweight edge, minimizing swing weight and enhancing overall performance.



The board selector below is a rough guide to help determine Naish Hover Wing Foil board size based on rider weight and skill level. We consider a beginner a rider who has no previous board sport experience.

Keep in mind that additional factors, such as wind conditions, foil, and Wing-Surfer size will play an important role in the selection of the right board size. 

Generally, we recommend erring on the side of a floatier board with a volume that matches rider weight (for example, an 80-kilo/176-pound rider will need at least an 80 L board or larger). Riding a sinker will work in locations with steady, strong winds, while floatier boards prove to be a safer choice as they allow the rider to get back to shore even if the wind drops under a foilable limit.

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  • Ledge Handle
  • Additional Bottom Handle on 40, 50, and 60 L boards
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
  • High Density PVC Foil Track System with (2) 10" US Boxes
  • Beveled Rail Design
  • Concave Deck Design
  • Tail Kick Lift-off Design
  • Bottom Double Concave to V Nose
  • Footstrap Insert Options (No Straps Included)
  • Automatic Pressure Valve


Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover Wing Foil 40 4'4"/132.1 cm 21"/53.3 cm 3 1/10"/7.9 cm 40 L
Hover Wing Foil 50 4'6"/137.2 cm 21 1/2"/54.6 cm 3 3/5"/9.1 cm 50 L
Hover Wing Foil 60 4'10"/147.3 cm 22 1/2"/57.2 cm 3 4/5"/9.7 cm 60 L
Hover Wing Foil 75 5'0"/152.4 cm 24"/61 cm 4 1/5"/10.7 cm 75 L
Hover Wing Foil 85 5'2"/157.5 cm 26"/66 cm 4 3/10"/10.9 cm 85 L
Hover Wing Foil 95 5'7"/170.2 cm 27 1/2"/69.9 cm 4 1/5"/10.7 cm 95 L
Hover Wing Foil 110 5'10"/177.8 cm 29"/73.7 cm 4 3/10"/10.9 cm 110 L
Hover Wing Foil 125 6'4"/193 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4 2/5"/11.2 cm 125 L
Hover Wing Foil 140 6'6"/198 cm 33"/84 cm 4 3/5"/11.7 cm 140 L


View board specifications HERE